Wilke Stroman (CEO Germany)

Wilke Stroman (1980) has been in charge of online activities in Germany since June 2019. He founded the online portal sparhandy.de in 2000 as a sideline to his apprenticeship as a banker in the East Frisian North. After successfully completing his training, he first worked in the banking sector in London before moving his company to Cologne in 2005. There he developed the former start-up into the leading German telecommunications company. Wilke Stroman heads the business of mobilezone Germany since 1 January 2020. He is also Co-CEO of powwow.

Jens Barth (CDO Group)

Jens Barth (1972) joined Sparhandy in 2015. From 2016, he was managing director of the powwow predecessor company “SH Telekommunikation Deutschland GmbH.” He has been managing director and co-CEO of powwow since the beginning of 2020. In his role as CDO, he will press ahead with the Group’s digital strategy. Jens Barth worked at different telecommunications companies before starting with mobilezone/powwow, including Carphone Warehouse, Telefonica and Vodafone.

Thorsten Fluck (Managing Director Germany) 

Thorsten Fluck (1972) has been driving major projects and change management since 2012. After studying marketing and international management in Münster and Lund (Sweden), he began his professional career as a strategy consultant at Diamond Cluster (now Oliver Whyman) in Madrid. Following management positions at The Phone House and as an independent consultant and company founder, he joined powwow in 2012.  

Dieter Kossmeier (Managing Director Germany)

Dieter Kossmeier (1967) has been Co-Managing Director of mobilezone Deutschland GmbH since December 2020. Prior to his activities for the mobilezone Group, he was Head of New Business, Vectron Systems AG. Between 1997 and 2015, he held various positions at The Phone House Telecom GmbH (formerly Hutchison Telecom GmbH), most recently as Business Unit Manager New Business and IT. He has an education as a software developer and underwent various management trainings.

Daniel Blum (Director Legal & People)

Daniel Blum (1979) has been with sparhandy.de since 2010 where he built up the internal legal department. From 2016, he additionally took over the management of the HR department. Since 2021, Daniel Blum has been part of the management of mobilezone Germany and, as Director Legal & People and authorized signatory, is responsible for these areas for all companies of mobilezone Germany. Before joining mobilezone, Daniel Blum worked as a lawyer in national and international commercial law firms.