mobilezone Deutschland launches powwow: a new umbrella brand for the leader in the indirect German telecommunications market



Rotkreuz/Cologne, 1 april 2020

mobilezone Deutschland launches powwow: a new umbrella brand for the leader in the indirect German telecommunications market

mobilezone Deutschland is now bundling its B2C brands under the umbrella brand powwow GmbH. With the new brand, the company is emphasising its strength of innovation and its focus on technology in the telecommunications market of the future. mobilezone Schweiz is set to benefit from this clear focus on the online business.

With powwow, mobilezone Deutschland has created an umbrella for its extensive B2C brand portfolio. By bundling its own e-commerce end customer brands Sparhandy, Deinhandy, Deinhome, Handystar, High, HandyInRaten and SH under the powwow brand, the German telecommunications company is aiming to further consolidate its market domination online as an innovation driver in the German indirect telecommunications market. This clear focus on the online business is set to benefit mobilezone in Switzerland too. Markus Bernhard, CEO of the mobilezone group, had this to say: “mobilezone Germany is an online company to the core, and that’s something that will benefit us in the further development of the Swiss business, for example in the area of our online presence and the omnichannel approach.”

powwow backs future-oriented technologies and ways of working

For the strategic development and orientation of the brand, powwow has resolved to focus clearly on the digital sphere and will work with its partners and its own brands to further develop the e-commerce and omnichannel models. Jens Barth, CEO of powwow, explains: “With Sparhandy and Deinhandy, our portfolio includes the two market-leading brands for online bundle marketing, so naturally we are aiming to play an active role in shaping and further developing the market here. We are therefore investing in our digital setup in terms of both infrastructure and personnel. With future-oriented technologies and ways of working, we are laying the foundations with which we will be able to meet – and ideally exceed – growing customer expectations in future with a perfect user experience.” The focus on the e-commerce development also benefits the other areas of business and the partner business. mobilezone Deutschland is also planning to further reinforce its other business areas such as the TV broadcaster Handystar and the B2B brand SH, with the extensive, longstanding partner network and to help shape the market.

powwow is represented by more than 300 employees based in Cologne, Berlin and Bochum, whose workplaces combine office environments with flexible working options. Here, the company’s motto is #goodplace2be for the teams involved. This means that employees enjoy broader scope and trust within their areas of responsibility and their own personal development.

About powwow

powwow is a leading company in the German telecommunications market. With the brands Sparhandy, DEINHANDY, DEINHOME, Handystar, HIGH, HandyInRaten and SH, the company covers more than 80 percent of the indirect telecommunications market. Here, customers are primarily online, but are also reached via specialist retail and wholesale as well as TV. The goal? Inspiring shopping experiences for customers across all brands. powwow is part of mobilezone Deutschland, a subsidiary of mobilezone holding ag based in Rotkreuz. powwow is managed by Jens Barth together with Wilke Stroman (CEO mobilezone Deutschland) as Co-CEO.

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