Ioanna Nenova completed mobilezone's first trainee programme together with five other trainees. She was product manager for the accessories department.

Why did you apply for the trainee programme at mobilezone?

I had decided to complete a trainee programme after my degree in business economics. This was at a large company that operated nationally or even internationally and was in line with my degree. I became aware of mobilezone through LinkedIn. The trainee programme was advertised in the area of Management Support, which attracted me because it gave the impression that this wasn't a typical traineeship, but one where, with the support of the management, you could actually make a difference. For example, at the selection procedure, we had to look at the mobilezone business model and evaluate it, which I found fascinating.


What was your personal highlight during your time as a trainee?

Definitely the project we were able to implement. In my case, it was about expanding the accessories portfolio. I loved the fact that I was allowed to implement the project largely independently but I also a lot of support from the coaches and management. They set their requirements, which I then implemented. Individual points from my project were implemented in the 2021 strategy, which I was extremely pleased about. I am also proud of how evident the positive development made in the accessories segment already is.


What is your advice for future trainees?

Being socially compatible and open is definitely important, but so is being courageous and not afraid to put forward your own ideas. If you meet these conditions, you have a good prospect of achieving something and giving the company fresh impetus.


How did things go for you after the trainee programme?

At about the half-way mark, I was asked whether I would like to stay on at the end of the programme. Initially, I was in the Operator Relations department. I was then asked if I would like to switch to the Purchasing team to further develop the accessories project and collaborate in the accompanying 2021 strategy. Of course, I was really pleased to get the opportunity to be able to carry on with my project.


How do you unwind after work?

I'm often in a yoga studio, where I try out different kinds of yoga, usually power yoga. I'm a foodie and I like trying out different things, whether that’s new restaurants or dishes I cook myself, preferably oriental or Asian. And I like being out and about with my friends.