We take care of our environment. By this, we mean not only ecological aspects, but also economic and social aspects, whereby we understand sustainability to be in harmony with the financial health of mobilezone and its subsidiaries. We use resources circumspectly and sparingly, and ensure that we minimise the release of pollutants and other emissions to the greatest possible extent. With regard to our products, we recognise the effect of the supply chain on our ecological footprint and maintain a dialogue with the manufacturers with regard to sustainable production. 

We include ecologically sustainable products in our product range and contribute to a sustainable device cycle by means of repairs and refurbishment for the purpose of returning smartphones to the market and in so doing conserve resources. Regarding our defined sustainability topics, we regularly collect the related key performance indicators and develop improvements in this area. 

We uphold social sustainability by paying fair, up-to-date wages that are set on the basis of education and training, and work experience, but not on the basis of gender. Our working conditions are modern, up-to-date and fair. We always make every effort to improve ourselves and establish new measures in all areas of sustainability.