We establish business connections with all our partners on the basis of honest and open relationships that are rooted in fairness, with a view to maintaining them over the long term. We maintain a constant, open dialogue with our business partners. We expect high standards relating to integrity and performance from our business partners (device manufacturers, providers, suppliers etc.). We expect our business partners to comply with local laws, industry regulations and the contractual terms. 

We expect our business partners to respect human rights and treat their employees respectfully. In addition, we expect that our business partners have taken appropriate precautions in their own companies to maintain the health of their employees and other reference groups that could be affected by their activities. They must also think and act responsibly and in a resource-friendly way regarding sustainability. Furthermore, we expect high-quality products and services from our business partners in harmony with the applicable laws and directives. Conversely, our partners can rely on mobilezone to be a fair sparring partner that adheres to the applicable laws and rules, is familiar with the contractual obligations, and also complies with them.