Management Team (Service Providing)

TalkTalk AG

Karl Steinke (Managing Director TalkTalk)

Karl Steinke (Swiss / US dual citizenship) has headed TalkTalk AG since it was established in 1999. This firm has been part of the mobilezone Group since 2013. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree at the University of Wisconsin (Madison, USA), he completed his MBA at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He then attended further education courses at INSEAD in France and at IMD in Lausanne. Before taking his post at mobilezone, he worked for five years for Lufthansa in the USA in various positions. After that Karl Steinke was a co-founder of NewTel Communications GmbH in Düsseldorf, where worked as Head of Sales.

mobiletouch ag 

Christoph Traber (Managing Director mobiletouch)

Christoph Traber (Swiss national, born 1981) has been Managing Director of mobiletouch ag in Switzerland since 2017. From 2015 to 2016, he was Head of Back Office for mobiletouch. After completing his commercial training, he worked for several years as Head of Back Office and, from 2011 to 2015, led the Basel Customer Service Centre at Hoval AG. He has continued his education since then and earned his MSc in Business Administration in 2017.

Marc Müller (Head of IT / QM and Logistics)

Marc Müller (Swiss national, born 1990) has been leading the IT/QM & Logistics Department of mobiletouch ag in Switzerland since 2017. In addition, he is Deputy Managing Director of mobiletouch Switzerland. He previously held a variety of roles at mobiletouch from 2011, including working as a technician, technical trainer, team leader of various departments, quality manager and head of department. After his training as a multimedia electronics engineer, he obtained a business computing degree.

mobiletouch austria GmbH

Martin Hammerschmid (Managing Director mobiletouch)

Martin Hammerschmid (Austrian national, born 1969) has been Managing Director of mobiletouch austria GmbH since 2015. He previously worked as a consultant, taking a leadership role at AMAG in 2000. From 2005, he worked in various management positions and as a business consultant and mediator. He graduated from SAP Business School in Vienna, having studied business administration. He also holds an Executive MBA degree in General Management, a Diploma in Finance & Controlling, and a Master’s Degree in Information Law and Technology, Innovation Management, Communications Science and Mediation.

Richard Hudacek (Head of Operations)

Richard Hudacek (Austrian national, born 1986) has been Head of Operations at mobiletouch austria GmbH since 2016. He has worked at mobiletouch since 2010 as a departmental head and as Head of the Technology Department. Before joining mobiletouch, he completed various internships and was a mobile phone technician at TeleTek Telekommunikation – Service GmbH & Co KG from 2006 to 2010. He completed an extra-occupational master’s degree in risk management and corporate security at the FH Campus Wien University of Applied Sciences.