We offer you

  • a six-month trainee program at a fair wage
  • a place at the centre of the action, not on sidelines: together with us you can achieve something
  • flat hierarchies and a friendly working culture that is characterised by mutual respect among employees
  • a multifaceted, fast-moving and fascinating work environment

Why did you apply for the trainee programme at mobilezone? 

After university, I was looking for an entry level position. I thought the job description for mobilezone was fascinating: an innovative company with flat hierarchies and dynamic way of working — that was just what I was looking for. I consciously wanted to work for a company that had stayed young and did not have a strict hierarchical organisation. 

Can you tell us what your day as a trainee looked like? 

I worked closely with the Manager Customer Experience. He was my line manager in everyday business. In addition, I was allowed to implement a personal project relevant to the department. I had various coaches at my side for this project and they helped me with its development and answered my questions. On top of this, I had a "godparent", a member of the management, who assisted me with strategic questions and with whom I could exchange information. 

What did you like in particular? 

The working climate really appealed to me. Irrespective of the professional position, everyone treated me as an equal from day one. I was taken seriously and was allowed to assume responsibility straight away. As a trainee, I was given important tasks and I had to take responsibility for my actions. This was really valuable for my professional development.

How did things progress for you after the trainee programme? 

I was in contact with my godparent for the entire six months. We repeatedly talked about how things could proceed and communicated our mutual expectations. I was happy to receive signals early on that my work was appreciated. I was offered the position of a product manager shortly before the end of the trainee programme, which I accepted. Since the beginning of April 2021, I've been in charge of the mobilezone Club programme, among other things.

How do you unwind after work? 

I like to unwind in the mountains: I test my limits hiking, climbing or with yoga. What I like about these sports is that you are training your entire body, while recuperating your energy at the same time. In addition, I enjoy engaging with my friends and family — sometimes in combination with exercise outdoors, too.